The Advantages of a Registered Address Service

registered address service

A registered address service can save a business from costly office rental costs. Many businesses are too small to justify the cost of an office. Others simply choose to isolate their registered office from the central administration. In any case, companies should consider their needs and calculate whether they need a permanent office. A registered address service is an affordable and easy-to-use solution for small businesses.

Non-residential service address

A non-residential registered address is an excellent option for a company that wishes to maintain privacy. These addresses are used to receive and process official mails. The advantage of non-residential registered address services is that a change of address at the registered address must be reported to Companies House. However, some people may find it confusing. Some people think that a business address is the same as the registered office of a company, but it is important to remember that the registered office is not necessarily the place where a company is actually trading. The business address is also used to receive mail from courts and government agencies.

The registered office of a company serves as the official contact address for government mail and for public inspection of statutory registers. The company’s registered office address is also displayed on a public register at Companies House. This makes the address more appropriate for a business since it gives it a more professional image. It is possible to change the registered office address at any time, but it must be reported to the Companies House by the company’s secretary. You can do this online for free.

Non-residential office address

A registered office address provides a valuable professional image for a company. It helps the company establish a clear separation between personal and business life. Moreover, it protects the company’s privacy. It is essential to register your registered address with the Companies House to avoid any unwanted hassles.

Companies need to register an office address when they want to do business in the UK. The registered address is used as the company’s official correspondence address to government bodies, including the Information Commissioner’s Office. It also serves as the location where the company’s statutory registers are published for public viewing.

Virtual office address

A virtual office address service allows you to set up a business address online. Once you’ve chosen your virtual address, you can connect with a virtual assistant and set up channels of communication. The virtual assistant can handle your emails and other files. The service will even set up an easy way to search for your address on the Internet. You can set up a virtual address in a day or less.

If you’re a sole trader or limited company, a virtual address is a great option. It gives you the ability to work from anywhere and still have a fixed address away from home. Virtual offices can be a great way to start a business without the cost and hassle of renting an office space.


Obtaining a registered office address is essential if you are planning to start a business in the UK. It is considered as the official address for any company and is where official government correspondence will be sent and confirmed as received. If your company does not have a physical space, you can use the registered address as a temporary address. However, it is important to note that a registered office address is not the same as a PO box.

While some businesses will prefer a virtual address, it is still beneficial to have a physical address if you want to incorporate. Some companies offer virtual address services for a small fee. These virtual addresses provide several benefits for your business. For starters, you can use them to process important documents and do your tax returns. They also come with unlimited cloud storage space.